• • • THE NAME • • •


In 1781, Daniel Morgan marched 800 troops through Spartanburg towards the Broad River for a historic victory in the American Revolution.

Today, we are committed to turning some of those same pathways into an integrated trail network.The Dan Trail System gives a nod to the spirit of adventure from our Revolutionary War history and will provide recreation and transportation to all users to downtown, businesses, educational institutions and community destinations.

• • • THE BENEFITS • • •


Trails improve health, attract business, boost tourism, bring people together, and help the environment.


Trails support an active lifestyle that improves health. Physical activity helps prevent heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, colon cancer and depression. Every $1 invested in trails for physical activity leads to $2.94 in direct medical benefit.


Trails attract tourists and create the kind of quality of life that promotes business and puts money into local economies.


These trails will unite city and county, west side and east side, neighborhoods, and people. Trails foster community.


Trails help improve air and water quality by providing enjoyable options for transportation that reduce air pollution while helping manage soil erosion caused by agriculture and road runoff.

“A Unified trails plan secures our place among great cities.”

“Spartanburg has to do this to continue to be a shining light, the great place that we all know it to be. A unified trails plan will pay dividends beyond what we can put together on paper and it secures our place among other great cities.”

David Britt, chair of Spartanburg County Council economic development committee


• • • WHERE WE ARE NOW • • •



Goal: 32 Connected Miles


$13.5 million in projects


$8.4 million secured


14 community partners


5 existing trails


4 watersheds



• • • OUR PARTNERS • • •




$4 Million

The Whole Dan Thing!

$1.5 Million

Upper, Middle, Lower Dan Segment Sponsor

$1 Million

Two-Mile Trail Sponsor


One-Mile Trail Sponsor


Special Feature Sponsor (Like Bridges)


Sustainability Sponsor

$10,000 – $100,000

Contributing Sponsor

$1,000 – $10,000

Contributing Sponsor

$1 – $1,000

Contributing Sponsor